"Come What May and Love It"

-Elder Wirthlin (October 2008)

Friday, September 13, 2013


Nathan and Daddy are riding this ride.

This was Jared's favorite part. We saw the show twice because he adores Elmo.

Jared while watching the show and waving to Elmo. He doesn't look like he loves the show, but believe me he does.

Makaylie was a perfect angel on the trip and did so great. All three kids did great. It helps that she really likes to be outside.

Nathan's favorite part was all of the nets to climb and tunnels to go through and big slides to go down.

Jared watching as Nathan and daddy go on a ride. He did not want to do it.


The boys had a lemonade stand and earned money around the house to buy something at Sea World. Jared wanted Shamu. (Daddy earned him the basketball while shooting hoops)

Nathan bought his green hat with his own money. Can you tell this boy loves green!!
This place is amazing and can entertain kids all day long. They have such a variety of things to do.

Jared's favorite was the ball section.

My two little chefs.

Jared milking the cow. Water actually comes out of the utter (weird I know). He is my farm boy.

The construction site...yup you can guess who loved this. We actually got to do the ride this time. He got to push buttons and make it seem like he was running the bulldozer.

This was Nathan's favorite. You could place legos on this machine and then roll it up with the wheel and it would fall and break.


My big boys. Nathan shared his blue shirt with Jared. How sweet.

I would not recommend coming here. I thought it was pathetic, but we still had fun. Matt also got to be on channel 4 news at 5PM in San Antonio because reporters were hanging out at the zoo asking people questions. They asked his opinion on the whole Syria issue.

You don't see many animals because there wasn't much to see. They did have a baby tiger but it was in the den with its mother.